I am a statistical consultant and R enthusiast.

I believe in the use of data science for social good and have worked with several non-profit organizations.

Fatal events in the Sahel

In this short post, we will show how to use the rhdx, dplyr, purrr, sf and gganimate R packages to show the number of fatal incidents in 5 Sahelian countries. The rhdx package is not yet on CRAN, so you will need to use the remotes package to install it first: remotes::install_gitlab("dickoa/rhxl") ## rhdx dependency remotes::install_gitlab("dickoa/rhdx") ## github mirror also avalailable gganimate depends on the gifski R package and to install it, make sure you first have the gifski Rust cargo crate installed on your system. [Read More]

How to get arabic names for Mauritania Moughataa

On HDX, you can download and use the administrative boundaries of Mauritania but with one caveat the names of the different administrative divisions are translated from Arabic to English. For some analysis, it can be useful to have also the Arabic name in the same table. In this post, we are going to scrape a table from with the Arabic name from a website before joining this table to our administrative boundaries data. [Read More]